Goals of the study


The objective of the HYPEM project (How Young People in Europe Move?) is to identify the preferred physical activity formats for students aged 18 to 25.

For this, we need YOU! Sportsmen and women or not, take part in our study!


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Conduct of the survey

  • Stage 1

    Questionnaire (20 minutes)

    Today, we need your help to better understand how you practise physical activity and sport. The greater the number of participants, the more representative the results will be, and the more we can share them with you and your universities, to improve the way you practise physical activity and sport.

    If you're a student aged between 18 and 25, please take the time to complete the questionnaire!   

    Click here to start the questionnaire

    Don't hesitate to leave us your details to take part in stage 2!

  • Stage 2

    Interview (30 minutes)

    Don't forget to leave us your contact details after completing the questionnaire so that we can contact you for an interview. We want to know more about your physical and sporting activity! 

    Your answers will be treated anonymously and used only for the purposes of the survey!